Get the report work you need

Get the dental expert witness report work you need

Your instructions

Detailed specific and general instructions help this dental expert witness to produce the report work you require.

Dental records

Paginated folders are ideal, colour photocopies of both sides of dental record cards are best. Increasingly records are computer printouts. Consider providing A&E, GP and hospital records

Dental radiographs or x-ray pictures

Quality copies of conventional film x-ray pictures are helpful or send originals. The small dental x-ray pictures are called periapicals. Dentists regularly take bite wing x-rays to screen for tooth decay between teeth. A OPG scan is a large radiograph, a general overview of the upper and lower jaws which is often used to assess wisdom teeth before surgery.

Sending records safely through the post

Special delivery is best, it is prudent to attach the sender’s return address because in the event that the items cannot be delivered at the other end they cannot be lost, the Royal Mail will return the to sender after two weeks.

Clinic photographs

A picture speaks a thousand words! Clients take pictures on their mobile phones detailing injuries. More and more dentists are taking high-resolution colour photographs employing dedicated clinical cameras with macro lenses and ring flash. Digital pictures can be supplied as jpeg files on a cd-rom or usb key. They can illustrate before and after condition, dental injuries and the stages of dental care. 

Plaster casts of teeth

Plaster casts are often overlooked but they are part of the patients dental records. They illustrate a vast amount of dental information. Sometimes dental patients are given their casts at the end of treatment, they often look after them and store them safely at home. Or dentists may hold these in storage in relation to the patient’s laboratory technical work used to fabricate splints, crowns, bridges and dentures.